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Adjusting Techniques

Charlotte, NC, Chiropractor, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, chiropractic therapy, Pineville, Matthews, ArboretumThere are many different adjusting techniques in chiropractic.

The types of techniques offered by a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte helps to define the type of care you will receive from your Chiropractor. Some clinics offer only one or two different adjusting techniques, while others will offer more. All techniques are effective in treating chiropractic issues depending on how much “expertise” your Chiropractor has in any given technique. No clinic does every technique, but the more effective clinics, including Hands for Health Chiropractic, are trained and practiced in a variety of adjusting techniques.

Hands for Health Chiropractic Center believes that in order to properly administer an effective treatment, a Doctor of Chiropractic must be fully trained in great detail of how to apply an adjustment and must also practice that technique on a daily basis. Currently Dr. Neva Doctor is trained in and practices the following adjusting techniques (listed in order of frequency of use):

Diversified: Diversified technique is considered the oldest of the chiropractic techniques and is without question the most widely used technique in chiropractic today. Students of chiropractor spend their entire education practicing the art of Diversified technique and it is the adjustment style most commonly associated with “making that popping noise” if done correctly. Contrary to popular belief Diversified is not painful. As a matter of fact over 90% of patients polled stated that receiving a Diversified adjustment is not painful at all. When pain does exist in a chiropractic adjustment it is typically due to the fact that there has been a trauma to the area causing muscles to be sore. All chiropractic adjustments are designed to relieve pain, not cause pain. Dr. Neva is especially well skilled at non-painful chiropractic adjustments. 

Motion Palpation: Motion Palpation is a diagnostic technique used by a doctor of chiropractic to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities. Motion Analysis/Palpation was created as a system of spinal analysis, which permits an easy examination of the spine, both in pinpointing the different subluxations and in determining their types. This system also serves in determining direction and force of adjustment. Motion Analysis is a comprehensive diagnosis that helps the chiropractor to apply treatment in the most beneficial way.

Fascial Movement Taping (FMT): FMT is a specially designed tape appropriately applied to ease muscle pain, allow better blood flow to heal muscles and tendons, and help retrain muscles to function correctly. Dr. Neva Doctor is certified by Rocktape as a RockDoc FMT I and FMT II doctor.

Cox Flexion Distraction: Dr. James Cox developed Cox Flexion Distraction in the 1960’s and since its inception has become one of the most talked about techniques for treating low back pain. Cox Flexion Distraction is a stretching technique that helps to relieve disc pressure by increasing the amount of space in the joints of your spine. It has been a very effective tool in keeping people off of the operating table who have been diagnosed with a disc herniation or bulge. Medical Doctors are now beginning to send patients to chiropractors for the use of this technique to help patients avoid unnecessary surgery. With this type of patient CoxFlexion Distraction has been 95% successful in preventing low back surgery and restoring a patient’s spine to optimal health. Special equipment is required to properly administer this technique. Hands for Health Chiropractic Center is one of only a few chiropractic centers in Charlotte that has the proper equipment and practices Cox Flexion Distraction on a daily basis.

Activator Methods: Activator is a light force adjusting technique specifically focused on minmizing pain that has been thoroughly researched for over 40 years. It involves using a special adjusting instrument to administer the adjustment and uses simple body movement response to determine where a spine should be adjusted. Activator is a great technique for the type of patient who does not want to hear the "popping" noise that is typically associated with an adjustment. Dr. Neva uses Activator technique, especially for the elderly patient where a typical chiropractic thrust would be contraindicated and on infants when a newborn's spine is still mostly made of softer bone.

Thompson: Thompson Technique was developed by Dr. Clay Thompson in the early years of chiropractic and requires a special adjusting table to be done properly. Thompson Technique is done by using drop pieces which are found in specially made tables, such as used at in Charlotte. It is a "non-popping" technique and was developed so that a chiropractor could apply a specific thrust through a joint and have the drop piece portion of the table receive the brunt of the force instead of the patient. It is a vital technique for many patients at Hands for Health Chiropractic Center and is a comfortable alternative for patients who don’t like hearing that “sound” when they get adjusted.


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