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Testimonials about Dr. Neva, Chiropractor 

A Charlotte BNI member wrote:

 "I have known Dr. Neva since I became a member of BNI Group. She is new in town but is not new to chiropractic. She offers a great amount of experience and advice. I am a regular patient of hers now several months. To be honest I would not want to go anywhere else. She knows beyond what you expect in a chiropractor. I myself have been recovering from car accident injury and she has greatly reduced the amount of pain as well as increased range and motion in my arm."

Timon M. wrote:

 "Dr. Neva has assisted me on numerous back issues throughout the years. She is a very compassionate individual and has a sincere interest in seeing her patients fully recover to a condition of good health. She has helped me relieve my pain when no one else could. Her background and training are valuable if you're interested in maintaining overall good health and preventing injuries. Highly recommend!!"


Phyllis B.  wrote:

 "Dr. Neva is a great chiropractor. She listens to all of your physical problems and determines the best way to treat those issues. She is attentive and confident in ther determination to get results. I always feel as if I am getting the best care possible when Neva treats me. I trust her explicitly, not only with myself but with my entire family."  


Marc S. wrote:

"Dr neva helped me with lower back pain. I was pain free after a few visits. she is very detailed and knows how the body works, i have and will continue to refer her to all of my friends and family. I have used a few chiropractors in the past and she is by far the best on many levels."


Dale K. wrote:

"I am a long time user and believer in chiropractic treatment for relief of bodily pain and muscular motion problems as well as arthritis.  

Therefore, when I moved to Charlotte, my sights were set high on the kind of chiropractor and service I would need and expected.  Upon referral I went to Hands for Health Chiropractic to see Dr. Neva and discuss my needs and receive treatments for them, which in my mind was on a trial basis.  It didn't take long to to know I was not only in the hands of a professional, but someone who really personally cares and spends the extra time to address not just my aches and pains, but my overall health concerns as well.

As an example, I recently had hip surgery (on both hips) and rehab over a 6 month period. However, one of the key things that sped up my recover was Dr. Neva's adjustments and treatment program to keep my hips properly aligned and pain free during recovery.  I was soon able to resume my daily 2 mile walks. 

In conclusion, I feel I'm in the hands f a body-care specialists beyond just chiropractic treatment."


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