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Help With Scoliosis

Chiropractor in Charlotte adjusts for Scoliosis symptomsScoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine that makes an "S" or "C" shape that causes stiffness and back pain. Scoliosis is called an "idiopathic" disease because the cause of it is unknown. It is more common in females and begins in childhood (another reason to bring your children in for a checkup!). However, only 2 percent of the population is afflicted. 

If scoliosis is detected early, chiropractic scoliosis treatments will prevent it from worsening over time. If not treated properly, scoliosis symptoms include severe back pain, deformity, and difficulty breathing.

Regular visits (usually once a month is regular enough) to your chiropractor to minimize the progression of scoliosis symptoms are an integral part of living a full and happy life.

Scoliosis can be treated by your chiropractor in various ways to help alleviate pain and restore normal functionality. Regardless of the chiropractic techniques used, daily chiropractic exercises may be added to your treatment regimine to increase muscle strength and mobility.

Note: One of the goals of chiropractic work at Hands for Health is to reduce or eliminate your pain and keep it reasonable cost-wise. We will, therefore, recommend exercises that can keep you fit and mobile. If you do the exercises, you can reduce the number of visits!

If you have any questions about scoliosis symptoms, in you or your children, please contact us.


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