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When should I see a Chiropractor?

Charlotte chiropractor reasonsMany people in Charlotte think that they only need to see a chiropractor when they have a back or neck pain, but the truth remains that regular visits to a chiropractor can be vital to maintaining sound health and fitness. 

Everyday events such as improperly lifting an object, sleeping in the wrong position, or poor posture can put strain on the spine and cause subluxation, which leads to your body being unbalanced. 

Regular visits (usually once a month) to a chiropractor can help to keep your spine, which has over 24 moveable vertebrae, properly aligned and healthy.

There are hundreds of muscles and nerve fibers in the back and the rest of the body. A chiropractor has the training to identify which muscles and nerves are hurting and knows which are the best non-invasive techniques to quickly and effectively relieve the pain. Dr. Neva Doctor is also FMT II certified by Rocktape to provide Fascial Movement Taping, a particularly effective low impact methodolgy.


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